There is no as such as best time of the year to visit Nepal but there are certain things that one wishes to do in the country which is available only at certain times of the year.

Let’s not brag about the fact that it can be visited year around like an entrepreneur who would convey couple of lies to get guests to visit the country at anytime of the year and stick to the ground reality. The best is either before the monsoon which is spring or after the monsoon which is fall. My favorite is the month where I can go around places on half sleeve.

Why do people talk a lot about visiting Nepal in these seasons? Let me break it down although it may not be a new thing for a lot of you folks reading this blog. The primary reason behind tourist flocking in Nepal in the months of March – May which I have already mentioned as spring season and September – December which is fall season is for the clear views of one of the tallest peaks even from distant hill stations. Primary reasons also include trekking on the trails of these world famous mountain trails that leads to the precious picturesque view of the world’s tallest mountains as well. As the hills of Nepal are very young compared to the hilly terrains of Andes and the Rockies, the trails are much safer in fall or spring as there remains a puny chances of calamities like soil erosion, flooding and landslides.

Other than these reasons, sunrise and sun sets are the best, cloud formation is a show stealer, and many activities like boating, canoeing, rafting, ultra light, paragliding, para hawking, bungee, zip flyer and many other adventurous sports rely on good weather. Nevertheless ones mood relies on the weather and the better the weather is better is ones experience with the country.