Everest Base Camp Trekking in Nepal

Everest base camp trek is all about Mountains and Sherpa culture! If your favorite things include going to destinations you have not seen before, you would not want to miss trekking in Nepal, to Everest base camp. From the very first day of the trek you will witness the mountains and until the very last day. The trek takes you 5500 meters, the zenith of this trek, namely Kalapathhar.

Everest base camp trek initiates on foot from “Tenzing Hillary Airport”, an airport with one of the shortest and the most adventurous runways in the world. This trek heads up to Everest base camp from Lukla, eating like the locals, making friends with the locals, exploring the culture of the locals, accepting the religion of the locals. This is one adventurous trekking in Nepal which ends in 12 days but leaves you with lifetime worth of memories.

It is not not the Everest but many other mouth watering, eye popping and jaw dropping mountains which will leave you speechless. You will witness 4 other highest peaks in the world soaring over 8000 meters. Book your trek to Everest base camp today and save 20%!