Rara Lake Trek

Rara lake trek is basically walking to one of the remotest lakes namely Rara. The lake is also known as Mahendra daha named after the late king Mahendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev, of Nepal. This lake is located at the far western development region of Nepal, at an elevation of 2990m. This beautiful lake spreads its wings as long as 5 km in length and 3 km in width. The bed of the lake is measured 167m deep. The only possible way to Rara lake is on foot.

With strenuous trails crossing few high altitude passes makes Rara lake trek a difficult trek, but worth in terms of vista and weather. The winters are very cold, the temperature most of the time drops below zero. On the contrary summers are warm with cool breezes and natural fragrances from flowers and vegetation. Even in warm weather the recorded temperature of the surface of lake is above freezing and the inside is below freezing point.

Surrounded by hills and hill like high landform, Rara lies in the center of valley surrounded by lush green hills. In addition, further back to the north the lake is surrounded by Mountains Api and Saipal. Rara is also famous for its ever changing hue with the change of brightness and reflection angle of sunlight throughout the day. Rara lake trek is a mystical and mesmerizing trek, where one can travel time and again. Lack of logistics and due to the reason that the trail is not inhabited entirely, it is unfrequented by travelers.